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    11 August 2004
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    The situation in Iraq continues to simmer, and it is beginning to look like Najaf is going to be the site of a major offensive. What I find strange is the situation we are in, the Shia are a large Majority who are not happy. They were liberated from under the fist of the Batth Party but now they seem to be under another. A "poor Shia's" man, Sadr, is the big news taking a beating around Najaf. Another Shia is Chalabi and his nephew who are banned from Iraq along with the INC which is a large political organization (the nephew is head of the tribunal trying Saddam!). Finally the main Shia, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, is out of the country and suffering from heart problems.

    This is all coming to a head but what I find troubling is how Iraq's deputy president, Ibrahim Jaafari looks at the situation:

    "I call for multinational forces to leave Najaf and for only Iraqi forces to remain there"

    Meanwhile you have Col Anthony Haslam, commanding officer of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Najaf, noting that:

    "Iraqi and US forces are making final preparations as we get ready to finish this fight that the Moqtada militia started"

    I don't know what we should do, but who wants a bleeding-heart's opinion anyway?

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