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    16 September 2004

    UPDATE: Bad News Thurs.

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    More on the pending failure of this presidents war policy, from NYTimes:

    The chief of the Army Reserve warned today that at the current pace of operations in the war against terrorism, the Army faced a serious risk of running out of crucial specialists in the reserves who can be involuntarily called up for active duty.

    The remarks by the officer, Lt. Gen. James R. Helmly, throw a spotlight on the military's existing mobilization authority, under which Reserve and National Guard personnel can be summoned to active duty for no more than a total of 24 months, unless they volunteer to extend their tours.

    From The Wilderness has more.

    Now for Afghanistan. . .

    The drug problem is growing out of hand, unless this is the work of the CIA again.

    The UN released figures earlier this year saying three-quarters of the world's opium poppy was now grown in Afghanistan.

    Hamid Karzai has warned that drug-trafficking and production is helping terrorism, and the Central Bank governor reportedly said earlier this week it accounted for a third of the country's economy.

    Speaking of Afghanistan, their puppet Pres. was almost killed/injured today as he made an appearance for his first campaign appearance as the helicopter he was traveling in (US Military) was nearly hit by a RPG:

    A U.S military helicopter was carrying President Hamid Karzai to the southeastern city of Gardez for his first election campaign appearance when the incident took place.

    Witnesses and officials say a rocket fired by unknown insurgents missed the helicopter as it was preparing to land near a school, where hundreds of supporters had gathered to greet Mr. Karzai. The helicopter did not touch down and returned the president to Kabul. There are no reports of casualties.

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