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    09 May 2005

    SC Gov race Sanford v. Moore

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    I ran into a great post over at dKos re: the SC Gov election, it refered me to this article from the State and covered first by Bob Brigham at the Swing State Project.
    State Sen. Tommy Moore is the “right kind” of Democrat to beat Republican Gov. Mark Sanford next year if he gets the money, experts say.

    Moore certainly has the credentials — 26 years of state legislative experience, an understanding of state government and a moderate to conservative voting record.

    “He is the type who can get elected statewide,” says Danielle Vinson, a political scientist at Furman University.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    “This is a state election, straight out,” notes Francis Marion University analyst Neal Thigpen, a GOP activist.

    Democrats tend to fare better in such elections.

    “Republicans can’t tie the national party label around their neck. It won’t stick,” says College of Charleston professor Bill Moore.

    Republicans are much more open to voting Democratic in state elections.

    Bill Moore is a Prof. I have heard great things about while at the College of Charleston. He is well revieved by both ends of the political spectrum.
    As governor, he has rubbed many the wrong way with his antics and behavior. He has failed as a negotiator.

    “Obviously, there is a disconnect between the members of the General Assembly and the governor,” says professor Moore.

    Sanford also is not a good stump campaigner. He doesn’t excite. [...]

    But some Republicans may quietly spread the word among constituents that they could live with Moore as governor.

    Contribute to the SC Dems.

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