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    03 August 2005

    Pat Robertson is a disgrace

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    I got this email from America United (for the separation of Church an State)
    TV preacher Pat Robertson is so eager to see the Supreme Court overturn decisions upholding civil liberties that he's praying for God to create more vacancies on the high court.

    Speaking on his nationally broadcast '“700 Club' program Aug. 2, Robertson blasted the court for "“egregious decisions that have taken us far away from the Constitution." Among the rulings under fire from Robertson were Roe v. Wade, rulings on the "the so-called separation of church and state," decisions protecting the civil rights of gay people and the ruling barring the death penalty for juveniles.

    The Virginia Beach-based televangelist later launched into a prayer asking God for swift confirmation of Bush nominee John G. Roberts and more vacancies on the high court so that new justice can "“dramatically change" judicial policy.

    Real nice Pat. Here at AE we don't pray, but I'm hopeing your God has mercy on your soul.

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