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    07 September 2005

    FEMA stalls after Katrina

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    I'm afraid I'm going to be on this for a while. This, hurricanes, is my area of study and I am shocked at how unprepared we really were last week. Blame Bush or not; clearly something needs to change. My list of questions for our government coming up this evening.

    hurricane relief | Red Cross

    Two preliminary questions; why did the FEMA director, Michael Brown, wait five hours before contacting the DHS for workers to support rescuers on the Gulf Coast and why did he then give the rescuers two days to arrive? Brown should have had this done on the weekend before Katrina made landfall. Even if the storm hadn't hit NOLA it was still going to hit somewhere and was clearly a large, dangerous storm. As of Sunday it was the strongest hurricane ever in the Gulf of Mexico.


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