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    21 September 2005

    Malkin rips cronyism and thus Bush

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    Rarely do I link to the internment camp apologist Michelle Malkin, but I do read her blog. Yesterday she had this to say WRT this article in WaPo about the new nomination of Julie Myers to head the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security.
    This nomination is a monumental political and policy blunder in the wake of the Michael Brown/FEMA fiasco. And I can tell you that contrary to the Miss Mary Sunshine White House spokeswoman's comments, rank-and-file DHS employees and immigration enforcement officials are absolutely livid about Myers' nomination.

    This is some well put rage seeing that she (Myers) is poorly qualified (ahemmm!!) for the job in multiple ways and it must trouble level-headed Republicans that this is the niece of the departing chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers (ahemm, ahemm!). In addition, she just married John Wood who is currently Michael Chertoff's Chief of staff ant the Dept. of Homeland Security (ahemm, ahemm, ahemmmm!).

    Posted by Geoff

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