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    24 October 2005

    Debunking the Republican Plame defense

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    BooMan takes the Wall Street Journal to task, here's a taste
    Rampant leaks notwithstanding, no one but Patrick Fitzgerald knows all of the criminal evidence the special prosecutor is considering against senior White House officials. Our hope is that he also understands that the job of a prosecutor is not to settle what at bottom is a political and policy fight over the war in Iraq.

    The assumption here, is that the decision to bypass the traditional vetting of intelligence by stovepiping raw intel into the VP's office, and then using that raw unvetted intel to push forged documents on Congress, the United Nations, the IAEA, and the public...all to trump up false rationales for a war of aggression...all of that is beyond the scope of the law. All of that is merely a policy fight and/or political differences. Okay. Let's be generous and grant them their assumption.

    Go read it. The editorial board now officially has multiple assholes. But really, why do we allow them to call that paper a journal? It desecrates the very idea of legit journals.

    On a side note, comparisons between Star and Fitz courtesy of Armando; he's always good.

    Posted by Geoff

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