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    12 January 2006

    Pray all You Want, In Reality Karma is King

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    Disgraced conservative pretty-boy, Tom DeLay, is feeling the pinch his illegal redistricting scheme has generated. The process of moving democratic support into strong conservative districts of Texas was the center of the gerrymandering plan. This moved Dem support from easily contested seats into fiercely conservative districts, like Delays. This was all before the indictments. Now with his support limp and future in doubt, karma has returned to bite the corrupt, national disgrace of a congressmen right is the ass.
    Representative Tom DeLay is in the toughest re-election campaign of his 11-term House career, a battle that might be decided not only by his legal problems, but also by the Congressional redistricting plan he spearheaded in 2003.

    The redistricting led to the loss of six Democratic seats in Texas in 2004, but it also shifted thousands of Democratic voters to strong Republican districts. Among those, Mr. DeLay's 22nd District added several Democratic-leaning parts of Galveston County; several political analysts estimate they may have raised the district's Democratic vote around 5 percent.


    Posted by Geoff

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