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    02 February 2006

    The Next Representative of SC District 1 - Randy Matta

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    Seems like a good guy, although he wouldn't have to do much to get my vote against Brown.

    Speaking of Brown, he has his own blog, check it out.

    Still on Brown, here are some quotes of and about him:
    "Henry is from the old school of `politics as usual' that just doesn't work today. He holds himself above scrutiny and is afraid to come out and debate the issues. He admits to letting others dictate his votes...All he does is follow along with what the Republican leadership wants him to do."

    - - Republican Bob Batchelder in The State, 5/25/02. More.

    "Henry's had a hard time catching on to a lot of things; give him a little time."

    -- U.S. Sen. Fritz Hollings on Brown's performance in Congress, Oct. 31, 2001. More.

    "I think that I'm a team player. Unless it's completely contrary to my line of thinking, I won't go against the leadership."

    -- Henry Brown after being sworn in on Jan. 3, 2001. Source: The Post and Courier, 1/4/01

    "I'm confused as to why we need a minimum wage."

    -- Source: AARP candidate forum, North Charleston, S.C., 10/6/00

    provided by www.abouthenrybrown.com

    Brown and corruption? Well, truth is he's cleaner than most of the Republican Congresmen from SC. But he did accept $5000 from DeLay's PAC, which I believe does (or will) have a connection to Abramoff. Truth is he's never had much of an opposition, so he didn't need the money. But this time he'll have Mr. Matta and another Repub likely. He's old also so he may pack it up.

    For more on Randy Matta visit his site (issues page). He's asking for support, cash and volunteers, so dig deep!

    Posted by Geoff

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