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    02 May 2006

    Troop levels in Iraq

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    Last week Sec. of State Rice was confronted yet again about troop levels in Iraq. This time it was from former Sec. of State Powell. She again assured everyone
    "...I have no doubt that all of this was taken into consideration. But that when it came down to it, the president listens to his military advisers who were to execute the plan..."

    We'll we've heard that before. My question is are they listening to the advisors now, and do the advisors hear the commanders?

    At a seminar at the School of Advanced Warfighting, Marine Corps University, Quantico, Washington Post gave us this tidbit from an article that highlighted how the military is now looking at the war on Iraq through a French-Algiers lens (very scary!):
    Everyone in the room knew that U.S. commanders in Iraq already feel they are frequently thin on the ground, without adding a mission like that.

    I hope the administration is hearing things like this because it is serious.

    Posted by Geoff

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