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    17 September 2006

    Is Graham serious?

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    Usually Republicans squirm for a bit over illegal and anti-American actions promoted and perpetrated by this administration, only to rubber stamp the policies shortly thereafter. But today, SC Senator Lindsey Graham put up quite a show and stood up for western principles; the very ones conservative forces wish to dismantle and/or abandon. What did Senator Graham mean today? Is he being genuine, or is this more Spector-like tough talk that will be followed by a virtual pardon for illegal, immoral, and unethical activities? We've seen this before.

    Watch for yourself.

    I'm skeptical of the Senator. But he is completely right when he says this, "We cannot have a great nation when we start redefining who we are...". That's what some on the right would have us do. They want to concede our values, they want to give in and let the terrorists compromise our morality. These people would allow them to have this victory. We can not let that happen.

    If the Senator means what he says then he should be commended. For now we'll wait and see if he can handle the pressure his constituents - people who don't get it, who do not have the capacity to understand this basic concept - surly will place on him.

    I think he'll fold.

    Posted by Geoff

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