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    18 December 2006


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    The New Way Forward in Iraq (click here if you want to read Fred Barnes on the "plan")...

    From The people who brought you Iraq.

    Now you can read about the pending disaster months before it happens.

    [UPDATE] Pat Lang:
    This concept is a recipe for a grand and climactic battle of attrition between US and Iraqi forces on one side and the some combination of Sunni and Shia forces on the other. The Sunnis and Shia would not necessarily "ally" themselves to each other, but a general co-belligerence against our people would be bad enough.

    President Bush may well accept the essence of this concept. He wants to redeem his "freedom agenda," restore momentum to his plans and in his mind this might "clear up" Iraq so that he could move on to Iran.

    The carnage implicit in this concept would be appalling. The authors have much to say about the consequences of defeat in Iraq, but, I wonder if they have contemplated what it would be like to fail in their climactic battle and still be required by '43 to stay in Iraq.

    Posted by Geoff

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