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    04 August 2005

    Bolton's first day at the UN

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    He voted on a resolution calling on Iran and Syria to take measures to stop the infiltration of Jihadists into Iraq from across their boarders; of course it passed unanimously.
    Bolton urged all nations "to meet their obligations to stop the flow of terrorist financing and weapons, and particularly on Iran and Syria."

    "We think this is very important, obviously, to help bring stability and security to the people of Iraq and to permit the constitutional process to go forward. It's the highest priority for the people and government of Iraq, and for the United States as well," he said, speaking after the council vote.

    I have no problem with this language, but why just Iran and Syria? Saudi Arabia is the leading contributor to the jihadist front in Iraq. Sure they may cross into Iraq via Syria due to the river there but bushCo. has always given the Saudis a pass when it comes to Iraq; this is doing a disservice to our men and women on the ground there by avoiding the obvious in favor of a questionable friendship based on oil.

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