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    02 February 2006

    We Live in a Fascist Nation, That Sides With Iran

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    Or maybe a totalitarian or authoritarian. But it's not the nation it was a decade ago, that's for sure.

    Why? Well we, the US, just sided with Iran and the Sudan among others to ban gay groups from joining the UN as consultants.
    In a surprising reversal, the United States voted with Iran and other anti-gay countries at the United Nations to deny observer status to two gay rights groups at the world body.

    The UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations Economic and Social Council voted January 23, 10-5 with three abstentions to deny the International Lesbian and Gay Association of Brussels and the Danish National Association for Gays and Lesbians of Denmark consultive status at the UN.

    Such status, which is enjoyed by over 3,000 NGOs around the world, allows access to UN proceedings, presence at conferences, and the right to propose agenda items.
    The resolution to reject was put forth by Iran. Joining them and the U.S. in support of it were Cameroon, China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Senegal, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. Iran and Zimbabwe in particular are among the world's most GLBT-oppressive nations in the world.

    Land of the free...

    Posted by Geoff

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