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    19 September 2006

    Should we concede our morality to terrorists?

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    Although the arguments are there for either side, my pick, and the stronger of the two, is No.

    Bush and his conservative friends know this; people who have the capacity to ‘get it’ surround him. This time there are even a few within his party.

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    Yet the drums are out and those same great people that brought us Iraq, rendition, and illegal wiretapping are now pushing for the normalization of torture. Torture could soon be an American value.

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    So why do they want this so much, it would seem illogical. It goes against the the tough guy stance that has defined Bush for the past 6 years.

    Pat Lang wonders if the President and all his men...
    know something that we don't:
    It is clear that President Bush wants to make actions legal that were illegal to conduct in the US in the past. That is why these "techniques" were used outside the US in the past. Will they now be used in our homeland against suspects? And who will the "suspects" be. Who will they be?

    The administration does not want to tell us what the "alternative techniques" are. They say that this is because the terrorists will train against the "techniques."

    Loud noises? Deep cold? Talkin' about yo mama? The rack? What?

    Folks, you can't "train" against "waterboarding." What are we really talking about?


    Posted by Geoff

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