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    22 July 2007

    The CNN/YouTube Debate in Charleston, SC

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    [5:18 PM]

    Just interviewed the Majority Whip in the US House of Representatives James Clyburn (D-SC). I won't get into the details because they are for the show, but he did suggest that George Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest were "smoking something." He was discussing the reports that the White House was still yearning to enter Iran.

    The Congressman was nice enough to take this pic with me:
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    Nice guy...

    I'm headed back out. Hope to get some more pics of the candidates. I got some... interesting... stuff to post later, probably during the debate. Stay tuned!


    [1:50 PM]

    Here's a story. We just went walking around doing some interviews and scoping out the grounds. We briefly talked with Candi Candy Cowley about the Internet and politics. That bit is for Joan's show though so I can't upload it.
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    We tried to get into McAlister Field House (where the debate is). CNN has exclusive rights to the hall during the debate but we were under the impression that that was during the debate only. so we asked, and got in. We were there for about 30 sec. when security approached us, questioned us, and kicked us out.

    I got one photo of the stage though. And if you look closely, I think John Edwards is in the center there! take a look:
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    Here's a closer better (it it?) look:
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    Anyway, we were kicked out but they didn't take my camera or my DAT Recorder. So much for security!

    BTW - I'm currently outside Mark Clark Hall while they do a bomb sweep. I guess that means some important figures will soon be visiting the spin room (see below). Stay tuned!
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    [11:44 AM]
    NY Times article on todays Debate:
    People have sent in more than 2,000 online videos to YouTube.com, where they are posted. CNN, which is broadcasting the debate in English and in Spanish on CNN En EspaƱol, will determine which two or three dozen videos it shows during the two-hour forum, which starts at 7 p.m. Eastern time. The candidates, who will assemble in Charleston, S.C., will be able to watch the videos on a giant screen or on monitors at their lecterns.

    A scan of the videos submitted to YouTube shows most video-makers taking a straightforward approach, sitting at home and talking directly into the camera. The questions cover expected topics like health care, student loans and the crisis in Darfur, though some are asked in a provocative way. And many veer into unexpected territory.

    This format is a welcome change from the status quo. I can't wait to submit my questions to the Republicans.

    (FYI - here are some pics from inside the debate hall...)

    [11:24 AM]
    Here are some early pics....

    The "Green Room" or Radio Row:
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    I'm tired:
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


    [10:25 AM]
    Well, I'm in. You know there is something going on here as you drive into the Citadel campus. All the major campaigns have their ground troops out in force. This of course means that there are signs everywhere. First impression? John Edwards has the ground troops out, there are signs up and down the block around Hampton Park (I think it was Hampton Park). Hilary is present as well. She doesn't have as many signs but she does have a cherry picker just in front of the Citadel's main gate with ~10 of her signs hung down it from the basket. The basket was about power line hight so the arrangement is very visible. However, the wind was giving the troops headaches. I should have snapped a pic but finding parking was my top priority.

    There are quite a few signs that have been ripped down or otherwise vandalized. One wonders if the "truth squad" are out causing trouble? The Charleston Republicans are a bit upset that the Democrats are debating at the Citadel while the Republicans are in St. Petersburg Flordia's Mahaffey Theater that is ironically known as the Progress Energy Center for the Arts.

    Well, I'm in and we're now looking for things to do...

    Posted by Geoff


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